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Brafa "launches the festivities" in Brussels

The 69th edition of the Belgian Art and Antiques Fair has kept its DNA, with a strong emphasis on eclecticism and quality.

Alexandre Crochet

January 25th 2024

As a neighbour, France brings a substantial contingent not only of visitors but also of exhibitors. Indeed, 39 of them are French. Of these, 7 are taking part in Belgium's biggest art and antiques fair for the first time. Christophe Gaillard, who recently opened a space in Brussels, gives a touch of contemporary art. Hadjer champions tapestry, while Kaléidoscope represents modern art and Marc Maison nineteenth-century architectural elements, a period that is also the speciality of Tobogan Antiques, but for the decorative arts. Stéphane Renard Fine Arts focuses on antique art. Finally, Segoura Fine Art has long specialised in paintings and objets d'art dating from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. As a sign that Brafa remains a sure bet, a number of French names are loyal to it, including AB & BA, Ary Jan, Bailly Gallery, Hélène Bailly, F. Baulme Fine Arts, Berès, Nicolas Bourriaud, Christophe Hioco, Brame & Lorenceau, Bertrand de Lavergne, Mathivet, la Galerie des Modernes, la Galerie de la Présidence, Taménaga, Dina Vierny and others.

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