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Gastineau Massamba dans son atelier©gale


Gastineau MASSAMBA, born in 1973 in Poto-Poto, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, lives and
works in Paris and Brazzaville. He was trained at the Tsiemé Artschool - Brazzaville.
Sculptor, painter and poet, his work combines painting, performances, writing and installations.


For ten years, he is « painting » and « drawing » with textile threads, inventing his own techniques. In his works, questions about the human body, current affairs in his country, international geopolitical news and societal issues predominate. Taboo, conflicts or controversies, these subjects are the themes drawn on the raw canvases. The series TRAVEL, TODAY, TOWN, PEOPLE or with mysterious titles composed of numbers deals with immigration, urbanization, economy, ecology, fighting, wars, the march of the world.
In spite of these heavy themes, his works are a source of hope, transcribed, for example, by
colored threads or floral elements ; the hope of those who leave for a life that they think better
elsewhere, those who fight for their ideas and cannot be silent face to the world repeating the
models of the past.


2018 : Afriques, Galerie Berthet-Aittouarès, Paris


2018 : Ego Logy, International Cultural Institute, Venice, Italy

2012 : Manifeste, Institut Français du Congo, Brazzaville, Congo


2012 : Ruptures, installations performance, Espace Basango point culturel Pointe Noire, Brazzaville, Congo

2008 : Carnets de voyages, installations, Centre Culturel Français, Brazzaville, Congo

2006 : Gastineau Massamba, Centre d’Art Contemporain Fondation Jean-Paul Blachère, Apt,


Les éclaireurs, [cat. exp.], Les éclaireurs, 19.05.2017 - 14.01.2018, 2017, Avignon

Lumière d'Afrique, [cat. exp.], 2017

Catalogue de la Biennale internationale d'art contemporain de Casablanca, 2012

Public Collections

Ministère de la Justice - République du Congo, Brazzaville

Ministère des Finances et Economie - République du Congo, Brazzaville

Palais présidentiel - République du Congo, Brazzaville

Délégation Union Européenne - République du Congo, Brazzaville

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