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Born in 1974, Eric Antoine is an autodidact French photographer.


In his late adolescence, he discovers his passion and devotes his whole energy to explore silver photography possibilities.

In 2010 Eric Antoine decides to leave big cities and seeks refuge in his country house, far from urban chaos. He slows down his rhythm and focuses on life and nature in their simplest appearances. For five years, Eric Antoine only photographed his closest environment, in his house. This time of voluntary isolation enabled Eric Antoine to publish his book Ensemble seul in 2015.

For several years, Éric Antoine focuses his work on the ancient technique of wet collodion. Each step is done by the artist, from the chemical preparation to the final framing, or the multiple constraints due to the capricious technique. Everything depends on a singular alchemy, the use of a primitive photographic equipment reinforces the feeling of lack and peacefulness in his photos.

These pictures on glass, fragile result of a hard work, firmly oppose the "digital flood" [déluge numérique] denounced by Eric Antoine.

Eric Antoine concentrates his latest work on the relation between human body and trees, fragmented body, dialoguing with nature. He uses materials just as a painter. Between flesh and bark. We think pictorial approach. Eric Antoine doesn't hide his interest in Steichen's work but, even though it is totally opposed, he also confesses an appeal for Nouvelle Objectivité's radical expression and a singular passion for Renger-Patzsch. "It's absurd to love both but my heart hesitates and I question myself every time I have to accept or not a picture's failure".

Éric Antoine exhibits his photographs in galleries and museums in France and abroad.



2018: Photographies, Galerie Berthet-Aittouarès, Paris, 6 novembre -1er décembre

en partenariat avec PhotoSaintGermain

2018: Le Complexe de la simplicité, SHOOT gallery, Oslo

The Kickplate Project, Wales, 76m2 gallery

2017: Circulation(s), Cormeilles-en-Parisi

AIPAD photo fair, SHOOT gallery New York

Art Karlsruhe, foire d'art contemporain Karlsruhe

2016: St'art, Foire européenne d'art contemporain Strasbourg, 2016

Entre Deux, Musée Barrois Bar le Duc, 2016


2015: St'art, Foire européenne d'art contemporain Strasbourg

Voir le lieu, Musée de Plombieres les bains

Black Mirror, Musée de Landskröna Suède

2013: Port Land, SCOPE / Art Basel Bâle

2012: Art en Capitale, Foire d'art au Grand Palais Paris

Rétroduction, Tour des Templiers Hyères


2010: Rétroduction, La Gaieté Lyrique Paris

2007: Riding Modern Art (Avec Raphael Zarka), Biennale d'art contemporain de Lyon


Collections publiques


Use of Time, text by Pierre Wat, Paris, Galerie Berthet-Aittouarès, 2018


Ensemble seul – Par Eric Antoine Monographie – 196 pages, 2015

Préfacé par Eloïse Conesa - Historienne de la photographie et Conservatrice en charge de la photographie contemporaine à la Bibliothèque nationale de France


PORT LAND - Par Eric Antoine Monographie – 60 pages, 2013

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